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B & R Home Improvement Inc.
     Here at B & R Home Improvement we provide a wide assortment of services specializing in residential roofing, gutters, carpentry, and siding.  
Residential Roofing:

     We provide you with the right match for your residential roofing needs.For slope roofs we offer high quality Limited Lifetime shingles that come in a variety of colors to fit your style. We also hold credentials with CertainTeed Shingle Manufacture that allows us to provide you with outstanding warranties. 
     There are also low slope roofing systems available as well, from Epdm (rubber) roofing systems to Modified Bitumen roofing systems that now also comes in a variety of colors. All roofing systems come with excellent warranties. 
     Maybe your roof isn't that old and you just need a repair. We can handle that too ! 


How do I know when I need a new roof ?

  If you notice that you have missing, cracked, blistered, or curling shingles. You may also notice staining on your walls or ceilings. These are all signs that your roof is getting of age and you should call a local roofing contractor. 

Can I just repair my roof or do I have to fully replace it?
     It is best to have an experienced roofing contractor check your roof and give you all your options. You have to take in to account the age of the roof and the kind of weather and damage it may have been exposed too. If the roof mid way through its lifespan or less and was installed correctly there is a very good chance that it may be able to just be repairs. 

How long does it take to complete a roof?

     Every roofing project is different. Depending on the height, slope, size of house, and number of layers currently on the roof. All of these variables are taken into consideration when figuring how long it will take to complete the roof. Smaller homes can be done within a day or two while other bigger homes may take one or two weeks. 

Do I need to acquire a dumpster or the permit?

     Both the dumpster and the permit are completely covered by the estimate price. We have a dumpster brought in the day of and if most cases picked up the very next morning if not sooner.  

​How much will my roof cost?

     The cost of a roof can vary tremendously. There are many factors to take it when considering the cost of a new roofing system such as the time of year, size of house or building, local labor rates, type of material selected, and the contractor doing the work. 
     It is always a good idea to acquire more than one estimate so you can determine what the average price for a house your size will go for. Keep in mind that not every contractor may be offering the same type of material which can also vary in price. Make sure you have your contractor fill you in on the type of material he is offering and its quality so you can be equip to compare. 

Will I need to pay a deposit? 

     In most cases it will not be necessary for you to put down a deposit. There are limited situations were the project may take several weeks to complete and a deposit is required. 
 - 12 Year workmanship warranty on all of our complete roofing systems.

- 4 Star SureStart warranty with all of our Integrity roof systems.